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Welcome to Fun Things For Dogs!  This website has been developed to help dog owners care for their beloved pet.

On this site, we’ll share hundreds of exciting activities for dogs, dog product reviews, dog health care tips, dog training tips, dog behavioural tips, and much more.

We’ll help you give your furry friend a rich and rewarding life.  They’ll be happy, you will be happy — it’s a win-win!

How dogs think

Although dogs often seem like little humans, their physiology and psychology are very different to ours.  Dogs think differently, express themselves differently, and have different favourite activities compared to most humans.

This makes understanding their requirements and desires a little tricky at times — particularly given their limited vocal ability!

A large portion of a dog’s brain is devoted to smelling things.  That’s because their sense of smell is used for many important tasks, like finding food, looking for mates, and identifying threats.

Similar to humans, dogs can associate scents with memories (although most humans don’t sniff each other’s butts).  Dogs also love discovering new smells, which is why they enjoy exploring new places.

Most dogs have excellent eye sight, which they use to track prey and identify threats.

They also use their excellent eyesight to read the body language of other dogs and humans. This is why body language is an important factor when playing with or working with your dog.

Researchers have even discovered that dogs can read and understand dozens of different human facial expressions.  This is how they understand when you are sad or happy and comfort you.

Researchers have also discovered that dogs have the same level of cognition as a two to three year old human being.

They have complex thoughts and emotions including excitement, contentment, disgust, joy, anger, depression, fear, distress, shyness, and love. Our fur babies are much smarter than human babies!

A truly happy dog!
A very happy doggo!

So, what do dogs love?

All dogs want to find food (hunt), find shelter, run with a pack, and play.

They are at their happiest when succeeding at one of these tasks.  If they don’t get a chance to experience these activities on a daily basis, they become agitated or depressed.

That’s when they start acting out by barking at nothing, digging holes in your lawn, destroying your homework, or becoming aggressive.

Chewing your favourite pair of shoes is a welcome distraction for a bored dog!

So, let’s break down a dog’s key goals into tasks that they love.

  • Finding food
    One of the reasons that your dog loves going for a walk is  that they are searching for food!  It’s also the reason why they love games where they hunt for food in your home or back yard.  If your puppy is a food-fanatic, games or training sessions that use food will be very exciting for them.
  • Finding shelter
    If you are a dog owner, you will have noticed how much your dog enjoys getting under the blankets on a rainy day.  They have a natural inclination to seek comfortable shelter where they can enjoy a nap.  You can help your pet out by providing them with comfortable dog beds, a dog house, or a dog crate.
  • Running with a pack
    Dogs are descended from wolves, which are pack animals.  They run in a pack so they can take down larger prey, breed, and have backup when attacked by a predator.  When you take a dog into your home, your family becomes a part of their pack.  By exploring the world with your dog, you fulfil their desire to run with the pack!
  • Play
    Dogs are fun-loving animals that enjoy games.  They will chase one another, have tug of war games, and roll around just to have some fun with one another.  Dogs will also play to learn skills, socialise, and improve their fitness.  There are dozens of games you can play with your dog, including fetch, frisbee catching, and tug of war.  
Active dogs enjoy many benefits!

The benefits of keeping your dog active

Doing fun things with your dog has many benefits for both your and your furry friend.  They include:

Health benefits

An active dog is a healthy dog!  When your dog is running, jumping and playing, they are improving their fitness and strengthening their  body.

Their muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments will all become stronger and more resilient.  This makes them less susceptible to diseases or injuries.

In addition, they will also gain more agility and be able to jump higher, move faster, and dart around any obstacles in their way.

Your dog’s cardiovascular system will also get a great workout when they are active, which helps them avoid health complications like stroke and heart disease.

They are less likely to become obese if they are working out regularly, which helps them avoid other nasty conditions like diabetes and obesity.

Behavioural benefits

Any dog that has their goals met will be a happier dog.  They are less likely to play up by barking constantly, becoming aggressive, or becoming destructive.

Your dog will be more responsive to your requests when they are in a good mood and will want to spend more time by your side.  When you meet their needs, they will be a much happier and well-behaved pooch!

Personality benefits

Active dogs are much happier because their needs are being met.  This makes them more sociable around people and other dogs.

Your dog will also want to spend more time near you, cuddling and being your best pal.  Because active dogs are better at getting along with others, they are less likely to fight with other dogs.

You can also be more confident in your ability to take your dog places and have them behave.  That means they will happily sit beneath your chair at the coffee shop or hang out with you when you go camping.

Your dog won’t be tempted to run off into the woods at the first opportunity!

Able to travel further

If your dog enjoys a lot of outings and becomes quite fit, they will be able to take on more extensive journeys.

You will be able to go on long hikes with them or walk down a long beach.  Having a dog in peak physical condition means they can travel with you to most destinations.

A stronger bond with your pet

If you nurture your relationship with your dog, you will develop an incredible bond.

Dogs can be incredibly loyal, loving, comforting, and tender.  They will support you when you are having a bad day and bring immense joy to your life.

The more time you invest in your relationship with your dog, the greater the benefits!

Owner benefits

You will also benefit from spending more time with your dog!  Being active and playing with your doggo will help you maintain your health and fitness.

You will enjoy better cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and increased energy.  Playing with your dog will even reduce your stress levels, which reduces the risk of various health conditions!

Another great advantage of being active with your dog is that you will get to meet many new  people.  Dog parks are usually packed full of people who love to talk about their dogs.

This is a particularly useful advantage if you are single!  There is no easier way to strike up a conversation with an attractive guy or girl than talking about each other’s dog.

You can even arrange a play date for your dogs if they get along well.  An active dog is the ultimate wing man (or wing woman)!

Doggos having the time of their lives!

The most popular dog activities

Here are just a few popular activities for dogs.  This website shares hundreds of games and activities, so this is just the tip of the iceberg!


Dogs love to go walking!  They are at their happiest when exploring the world, finding new scents, seeing new sights, and meeting new dogs.  They become hyper-stimulated by the world around them.

They will smell the ground to detect the scents of other dogs, scavenge for food, and look for objects to play with.

Your dog will enjoy hundreds of different smells every time they go for a walk.  It’s like taking a human child to a candy shop and telling them they can sample one piece of every candy!  They will also enjoy the physical activity involved with walking and the time they get to spend with you.

Some dogs are also very sociable and love walking because they meet other dogs.  My pugs love to walk because they love meeting kids at the park!

A daily walk will also help your dog burn up some energy and lift their mood.  It’s an essential daily activity.

Agility training

Agility training is a popular dog sport which involves dogs running through various obstacles.  The obstacles usually include poles, tables, and jumps.

Agility training is a lot of fun for bright and energetic dogs who love to learn new things.  It is particularly useful for working dogs like Kelpies who have boundless energy to burn!

You can set up an agility training course in your back yard or at the local park.  If your pup really gets good at agility training, you can enter them into competitions.

Agility training will keep your dog mentally stimulated as well as physically fit.  Check out this video to see what the best dogs are capable of on the agility field. The look of joy on the doggo’s face after he has finished is incredible!

Off leash dog parks

Off leash dog parks are the perfect environment for your dog to socialise with other animals and get some exercise.  The main benefits of visiting your local off leash dog park include:

  • Your dog can run at full speed off leash
    Without a human holding the leash, your pup can really make the most of their speed.  This really maximises the amount of exercise they can get during the session.
  • Improve socialisation skills
    As your dog meets more dogs, their socialisation skills will improve.  They will become very adept at recognising when other dogs want to play or when they prefer to be left alone.  This helps your dog avoid dog fights and get on better with friendly dogs.
  • You get to take a break
    While your dog is having the time of his or her life, you can kick back and relax with a cup of coffee!  Most parks also have amenities for both humans and dogs.  This usually includes water fountains, seating, and toilets.
  • Hanging out at a dog park is fun
    Watching your dog having fun with other dogs is a great way to spend half an hour.  You can see how they play with other animals and take some video footage of the action.  It’s a very fun place to hang out.
  • Share information with other dog owners
    Many of the people visiting dog parks have owned dogs for years and are quite knowledgable.  They might be able to help you improve your dog’s behaviour or explain why your dog has a certain health condition.  I learned how to treat my pug’s persistent urinary tract infections by talking to other pug owners.  One pug owner suggested I add cranberry powder to my puppy’s food.  She hasn’t had an infection since I tried this tip!
Dogs at the beach
Most dogs love to swim!


Most dogs are natural swimmers and love going into the water.  They love going to the beach, jumping in a pool, or swimming in the local river.

It is a fantastic way for your pet to exercise on a warm Summer’s day.  Some breeds might require some assistance in the water, but you can purchase [amazon link=”B0081XIKYG” title=”flotation devices”] to help them out.

My pugs need a flotation device because their little legs struggle to propel their fairly chunky little bodies.

Playing a game

Dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures and love playing games. You can start off with some basic games like chasing each other around the back yard, tug-of-war, fetch or frisbee catching.

After that, you can move onto some more complex games like hide and seek or memory games, which challenge your dog’s mind as well.  There are hundreds of games to play, we’ll share all of them on the blog over the coming months!


Travelling to a new destination is a lot of fun for a dog.  They will discover many exciting new smells and see some interesting new sights!

Consider popping your dog into the car and driving out of town to explore somewhere new.  You can even purchase a dog hiking backpack or a dog bike trailer if you really want to get serious about exploring the world with your dog!


Dogs need a social life as much as humans do.  Organise some play dates for your dog so they get to hang out with their buddies.  You can use this time to have a glass of wine with your friends, watch a sports game or just hang out.

Dog exercising
This little doggo loves exercising!


One of the best ways to keep your dog busy is to take them with you when you exercise.  Most dogs will happily run next to you as you jog, ride a bike, skateboard, or go on a brisk walk.

You can enjoy some fresh air and exercise with your best buddy in tow!

Learning new things

As I mentioned earlier, dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures. They are also extremely intelligent and excel at learning new things. This makes them easily trainable compared to other kinds of animals.

Make the most of your dog’s IQ by training them to come, sit, stay, and shake hands. You can can then move on to more complex tricks like ringing a bell to go outside, leap, go to bed, spin, and speak.

Another way to help you dog learn new things is to share new foods with them. Dogs can eat many types of food include cheese, salmon, tuna, ham, bacon, turkey, plain yoghurt, honey, and natural peanut butter (without xylitol).

Some dogs will even enjoy fruits and vegetables like apple, blueberries, broccoli, and carrots. Just remember to only feed your dog small amounts of any slightly unusual foods.


Because dogs are pack animals they are very good at showing affection and love to cuddle. Invite your puppy onto the couch and watch a movie together or give your dog a massage. Regularly cuddling your dog will improve your bond and make them much happier.


Yes, dogs can even dance!

Some cool products for dogs

Here are a few of my favourite fun things for dogs. They are all affordable and will bring your dog many hours of joy!

KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

[amazon fields=”B003ALMW0M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy” /]

The KONG Wobbler is one of my Pug’s favourite toys!  I bought my first Wobbler a few years ago as a toy to keep my “always hungry” pugs busy.

The Wobbler is an extremely durable toy that dispenses treats as it rolls around.  It moves unpredictably, which makes it particularly entertaining for my dogs.  Food is added to the Wobbler by unscrewing the top.  This lid also makes the toy easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe.

My pugs immediately enjoyed using the toy, but I quickly realised I would need two Wobblers — one for each dog.   A Wobbler with about 15 biscuits in it keeps a pug busy for  up to 10 minutes.  This will vary based on the size and shape of the biscuits that you place inside the device.

The pugs love this device so much that they become excited when I pull their Wobblers from the cupboard.  They know it means food!

Although I tend to put the Wobblers away once the dogs have finished extracting biscuits, they are durable enough that you could leave them out and they would not be destroyed easily.

If you have a dog that is a very fast eater, you could use the Wobbler for their meals.  However, I just use Wobblers for a quick game when the dogs are looking bored.

The Wobbler is perfect for dogs that eat too fast (like pugs).  It is also very mentally stimulating for dogs because of its unpredictable movement.

The Wobbler might also be useful for picky eaters who need some kind of game to eat their biscuits.

[amazon box=”B003ALMW0M”/]

Chuckit! Launcher

[amazon fields=”B00006IX59″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Chuckit! Launcher” /]

The Chuckit! Launcher is one of the most popular pet products ever invented!

It’s no wonder, it solves a very obvious problem for dog owners — handling slippery slobber-covered tennis balls when playing fetch.  It is a simple device that lets you scoop and throw a ball with one hand.

You won’t have to bend to pick up you dog’s ball and you won’t wind up with spit-covered hands.

I love my Chuckit! Launcher so much that I would consider it an essential purchase.  It makes playing fetch with the dogs much easier and encourages me to get down to the park more often.

The Chuckit! Launcher is made from a very light plastic that has a slight flex to it.  This additional flex helps you achieve more distance when throwing, which is useful for owners of bigger dogs.  I normally throw underarm and the ball lands far away enough for the pugs to chase after it.

The ergonomic handle is quite comfortable to hold and the ball is easy to aim.  You will find it much easier to throw the ball far, thanks to the higher velocities you can achieve with the handle.  Your dogs will love you if you get a Chuckit! Launcher.

[amazon box=”B00006IX59″/]

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy

[amazon fields=”B00CPDWT2M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy” /]

This is my older pug’s favourite chew toy!  It is a large chew toy that has been imbued with a real bacon flavour and scent.  This keeps her fixated with the toy for long periods.

The Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy is made in the USA from a very tough nylon material.  Although I doubt my pug could break it apart, the company recommends that you put the toy away after your pet steps away from it.

This prevents them from gradually tearing chunks off it over the space of a few hours.  It’s probably a good idea to take it from the dog after 10 or 20 minutes anyway, as it keeps the toy exciting for your pup.

Unlike many other chew toys, this product has a natural colour, which resembles a raw bone.  This may make it more attractive for my pug, because she kind of goes nuts about it!

This may be the best chew toy on the market.

[amazon box=”B00CPDWT2M”/]

Snug Rubber Dog Balls

[amazon fields=”B013QTEESK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Snug Rubber Dog Balls” /]

Even though pugs are small  dogs, they can have an aggressive streak and destroy toys quickly!  When I have purchased squeaky tennis balls in the past, the squeaker generally lasts a couple of weeks before it stops working and the dogs break the ball a few weeks after that.

The Snug Rubber Dog Balls are one of the best options I have found for dog balls.  They are colourful balls made from 100% rubber.  They are also BPA-free and completely safe for my dogs.

These balls are extremely durable and last much longer than a normal squeaky ball.  The rubber exterior is also simple to clean with a hose — no more stinky dog balls in the house!  A great product to go with the Chuckit! Launcher.

[amazon box=”B013QTEESK”/]

ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Squeaker Dog

[amazon fields=”B01N220HWU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Squeaker Dog” /]

ZippyPaws make a range of great squeaker toys that my pugs love.  This product is available in many designs including French Fries, Pineapple, Steak, Sushi and Taco.  I have bought the taco and steak toys so far.

Each toy is filled with high-quality stuffing and covered in fabric.  This soft material makes these toys perfect for young puppies or older dogs with dental problems.  They do get smelly after a week or two, but they come up well after being thrown into the washing machine.

Each toy has two separate noisemakers.  This is a lot of fun for my pugs as they spend time trying to make each squeaker work.  These toys are quite lightweight and best  for small to medium dogs.

[amazon box=”B01N220HWU”/]

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